Acryl-a-miser palette


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Acryl A Miser Air Tight Palette System
  • Waste less acrylic paint!
  • Save colour blends for up to 2 weeks!
  • Never needs washing – paint just peels off!
  • Extend open working time with occasional Spritz Bottle misting!
This amazing palette lets you store up to 21 colours in fairly large volume and take them with you in the field, classroom, and on vacations. Eliminates the need to travel with tubes or jars that take up lots of space, and may be accidentally punctured or opened during transit. This 34x24x5cm palette system fits into virtually anything.
The key to this air-tight palette is the tight seal, combined with misting your acrylics periodically to create a humid environment within. Paints will last up to a month or more with weekly misting when not in use, based on extensive testing by acrylic artists. When painting, simply take your paint and mix onto one of six small mixing trays (or the large mixing palette), and seal the rest of the palette not being used while painting. Continue to mist paint periodically to keep from drying while working. When finished with your custom mix, allow the mixing tray to dry and just peel off the paint, to mix the next series of colours.