Chinese Watercolour Techniques – Painting Animals DVD with Lian Quan Zhen


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Learn how to capture the beauty and vitality of Chinese painting in your watercolours and create animal portraits that possess elegance and grace.

In this beautiful, practical guide award-wining artist Lian Quan Zhen shares his unique understanding of Eastern and Western art forms and demonstrates how to combine Chinese and watercolour techniques and materials. Through his ingenious, easy-to-follow exercises you will learn how to paint animals in the loose, free-flowing style of the East with complete confidence and success.

First introducing the basic properties of Chinese materials such as rice paper and ink, as well as using a bamboo brush with multiple colours and watercolour pouring to achieve vibrant animals and stunning backgrounds. So much of Chinese painting stems from observation and interpretation of nature, and in the seventeen step-by-step demonstrations included here you will be able to apply the principles learnt by painting cats, birds, tigers and many other animals.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to breathe the spirit of the East and West into their own art.

DVD: 79 mins