Drawing Masterclass: Perspective with Tim Fisher


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Although it’s billed as a masterclass, this refreshingly straightforward guide isn’t afraid to tackle the basics of this perennially tricky subject.

On the face of it, perspective is simple: there’s a viewpoint, a subject and a vanishing point. Between those, however, lie a mass of traps and pitfalls that make getting proportion, verticals and size horribly difficult to get right.

One problem is that most perspective guides either include too many guidelines or try to do away with them altogether. Neither approach works because they’re either too complicated or over-simplified and relying on your knowing the very thing you want to learn.

Tim uses just enough lines, in simple drawings, that you can see what’s going on. The main message is never (literally) obscured. He explains the science of the subject in terms that relate to the artist rather than the technician and there are plenty of examples that have been produced for the book, rather than being shoe-horned into it.

This is a book written specifically for the artist and includes perspective in buildings, landscapes, figures and more.

Paperback . Colour Throughout . 112 pages.