Etchr Slate


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Urban sketchers are always on the lookout for the perfect satchel to carry their gear. Better still if it is also a field easel that will support your sketchbook- and it can comfortably beworn on your shoulder

The Etchr Slate Satchel is a classic minimalist satchel designed specifically to help artists sketch on the go.

  • Designed with artists in mind
  • Weather-proof
  • Suitable for both left and right handed artists
  • Easily connects to any photography tripod
  • Small and portable

MINIMALIST‚ €“ Our Slate Satchel is a minimalist take on our classic artist satchel. Spacious and adaptable to your needs, its design offers numerous left or righthanded configuration options to suit the requirements of any artist

COMFORTABLE, SUPPORTIVE & STABLE‚ €“ Our Slate Satchel is more than just an art supply bag and is designed to be used as a portable drawing surface. Usable whilst sitting or standing, it allows for painless sketching and painting in any environment

ALL MEDIA TYPES‚ €“ With our Slate Satchel€™s multifunctionality, the setup possibilities are limitless. From sketchbooks to tablets, all digital and physical media are supported and the bag can be attached to any photography tripod for unrivalled stability

STYLISH AND VERSATILE‚ €“ Until now, art supply bags have always looked sad and cheap. Our satchel combines style, quality and function to offer an incredibly flexible art management solution, going wherever you go in style

VEGAN FRIENDLY AND WEATHERPROOF‚ €“ Built with high quality weatherproof and vegan friendly materials, our satchels are built to brave the elements. Mud, rain, sleet or snow, mother nature won€™t stop the show!