FineTec Shell Metallic Pearlescent tin of 6


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FINETEC Pearlcolours can be dissolved with water and a brush just like watercolors and are perfectly suited for calligraphy, painting and hobby. Our Tip: for the perfect result we recommend putting some drops of water on the colour and letting it sit for a few minutes before using it.

Pearlcolours are opaque. Only original FINETEC Pearlcolours have the beautiful wavy surface and come in white pots. Due to the hand-made production no two colour pots are the same. The colourpots are slightly curved at the bottom which is caused by the natural drying process and can sometimes lead to a little hole appearing in the middle of the colour pot after some use. This is not a defect but a natural occurence.

FINETEC Pearlcolours are
light-fast and pigment-rich
handmade in Germany
made out of Mica-Pigments and gum arabic, both natural ingredients
free of animal ingredients
ASTM certified and CE-conform


Set includes: Copper, Bronze, Olympic Gold, Arabic Gold, Champagne Silver, and Silver.