Lay-Flat Sketch Pad Portrait A5 (205 x 146mm) 20 pages


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Introducing the exclusive Lay-Flat Sketch Pads.

The working space available in a conventional sketch book or pad is determined by the size of the individual page, the central spine or binding making it nigh-on impossible to create spontaneous, free flowing sketches across the width of your open sketch book.

With its unique lay-flat design, an A5 Layflat Sketch Pad offers you the choice to double your working space to A4! These sensational sketch pads have been developed with a flat, central seam which cleverly allows artists to create uninterrupted artworks that can run across each double page spread.‚ 

Each stylish pad features 20 stunning 300gsm pages of quality cartridge paper, beautifully bonded onto a durable heavyweight board – ideal for creating your own continuous, sweeping masterpieces.‚ 

Suitable for drawing, sketching and all types of dry media, these handy sized pads open up to double the size of your original working area.