Improve Your Watercolour with Chinese Techniques DVD with Lian Quan Zhen


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Join Lian Quan Zhen as he shows you how to introduce Chinese painting techniques into your watercolours. Using such techniques in watercolours will help even the most detailed painter loosen up and paint more freely.

Using only watercolour brushes, paints and paper, Lian explains how to use the materials to bring in the strokes and style of Chinese brush. After painting a few small studies, including a fish, onion, banana and fence, he soon moves on to creating complete works. By the end of this latest Improve Your title you’ll have leaves, flowers, a rooster and some ducks, all in this incredible style.

Using Chinese techniques in your watercolour paintings will help you create beautiful, spontaneous pictures and, most of all, have fun while you’re painting.

DVD: 45 mins