Life Drawing Book with Robert Barrett


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The human figure presents an infinite number of opportunities and challenges and this intriguing book will help you meet them all.

Working for the most part in charcoal and monochrome hard pastel, Robert demonstrates a huge variety of both nude and clothed figures. He also deals with the technical aspects of portraiture, including proportion and the basics of anatomy, beginning by showing you how to build up a basic outline using just simple shapes.

The book contains a good mixture of examples, tips and demonstrations and you’ll learn how to capture character, handle facial details and get the hands and feet right as well as exploit movement, perspective, light and shade and how to use tonal values. There is also an excellent chapter on clothing that shows you how to get the falls and folds of simple and complex garments just right.

This is a comprehensive and well-structured guide that works well as a complete course and will reward considerable study.