Pastel Techniques for Plein Air Painting


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You’ll Love This Pastel Painting Video If:

  • You love working in pastel and you want to learn how to paint outdoors
  • You want to learn top pastel painting techniques straight from expert artist Stephanie Birdsall
  • You love visual video pastel painting demonstrations & want to try something new

From start to finish you’ll follow along with Stephanie Birdsall as she guides you through the process of plein air pastel painting. This video makes learning new pastel painting techniques fast, easy and fun. A full pastel painting demonstration not only shows you what art supplies to bring and how to set up your painting space outside, but also covers important topics such as composition, how to deal with changing light, colour, and more for successful outdoor landscape paintings every time.

Ensure vibrant, colourful, reliable results every time you take your pastel painting outside. Watch‚ Pastel Techniques for Plein Air Painting with Stephanie Birdsall‚ and watch these great lessons come to life before your eyes.

In the‚ Pastel Techniques for Plein Air Painting with Stephanie Birdsall‚ Video You’ll Learn:

  • How to do a simple underpainting to capture the scene quickly before the light changes
  • To use local colour schemes to help composition, colour choices and vibrancy
  • Tips for blending, layering and setting up a strong composition when painting with pastels