Rabbit skin glue 100g


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Rabbit Skin Glue is a traditional canvas & panel sizing which exhibits excellent adhesion and barrier properties. For centuries artists have used it to protect raw canvas fibers & panels from the disintegrating effects of fatty acids in oil based colours and grounds. Simply add water to the granules at a ratio of approximately 10 parts of water to 1 part of granules and allow to stand overnight. This will result in an expansion of the granules. Place the mixture on indirect heat such as Bain Marie or double boiler DO NOT allow to boil as it will embrittle the glue size. The resulting size can be applied hot as many artists feel there is better penetration of the cotton or linen surface.

Very important: Raw fabric preparations prior to sizing!
Moderately stretch canvas on to stretcher bars. Acclimate raw canvas to moisture a few hours before sizing by lightly brushing entire surface with tap water. Canvas will tighten and then relax upon drying.
Proceed to size preparation.

Apply two coats and allow to dry thoroughly. When storing keep in a refrigerator as this will increase the lifetime of the size. When reheating add some granules soaked in water as the size weakens on each reheating. To test if you have the correct consistency the glue when cold should like thick jelly when a finger is pushed across the surface.

Warning: Boiling new glue mixtures or reheating jelled glue in order to liquefy may compromise its adhesive strength.