Strathmore 400 Series GREY 27.9×35.6cm


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Strathmore’s Toned papers are 100% recycled and contain 30% post-consumer fibre which adds interesting visual textures. They are ideal for all levels of artist and are suitable for use with graphite, chalk, charcoal, sketching stick, markers, coloured pencils, pens and white gel pens.

Starting artwork using mid-range tan or grey paper allows for unique sketching & drawing possibilities by providing the middle value that would otherwise need to be rendered by the artist. A wider range of values from light to dark can be used, and the middle tone makes it easier to deliberately place shadows and highlights.

The Series 400 toned sketch pads are available in two sizes: 22.9×30.5cm which is wire bound on the long side and contains 50 pages and 27.9×35.6cm which is wire bound on the shirt side and contains 24 pages. The sheets inside are micro-perforated and are actual size when removed at the perforation. The paper weight is 118gsm