About our Brushes & Knives

The Italian Artshop is the proud importer of Raphael, Isabey and Rosemary brushes. These suppliers have become known as the Rolls Royce of artists' brushes (in the case of Raphael it has been for over 200 years). At The Italian Artshop we are very proud to be the agents for these prestigious manufacturers and to be associated with their good names.

Raphael brushes have been made in France since 1793. The original workshop was located in Paris, but later relocated to Oinville, 50 km from Paris where it remained until the end of the last century. In 1925, the fine art brush factory was shifted east to become 'Atelier St. Brieuc' in Brittany. The company is still owned by Sauer family.

​The art of fine brushmaking has been passed on from generation to generation within Isabey, and the brushes made today are the legacy of that tradition. It takes brushmakers seven years to learn how to make the brushes of the Isabey line. Isabey brushmakers must apprentice ten years before being allowed to make the Kolinsky sable, red sable, and Siberian blue squirrel mop brushes.

All Rosemary & Co. artists brushes are handmade in England from the finest quality materials which are sourced throughout the world by Rosemary & Co.​ For 30 years, this family-owned business has been handcrafting these fine brushes preferred by artists around the world. Rosemary & Company believes that brush making is an art form. They have travelled the world seeking out just the right materials and training their staff to make these special brushes. ​
Although relatively new to the brush making scene, Rosemary & Co brushes are already the brushes of choice for world-famous artists such as Jeremy Lipking, Casey Baugh, David Boyd, David Curtis, Michelle Dunaway, Michael Klein and many more.
Since its creation in 1961, RGM have manufactured high quality products for the fine arts. The distinct quality of our palette knives and tools for the fine arts in general, have from small beginnings grown RGM into being a well renowned world leader in the provision of tools for the fine arts.