Rosemary Tisch Dagger


The Tisch Daggers are made from 100% Natural Bristle. They are scratchy and organic in their nature. This is the brush Andrew has designed, for an organic stroke. Should you wish for a sharper, tighter edge you might like to try our Ivory Daggers

They are made on our regular black handles and are available on both long and short handles.

“I paint a wide variety of subjects that require different technical approaches, therefore, I need a wide range of brushes that will allow me to create an engaging sense of reality across many genres. Rosemary and Co make the best brushes out there. I choose these brushes for their reliability and absolute quality” Andrew Tischler, 2018.

A favourite for landscapes, seascapes, building up texture and foliage.

The Tisch Daggers work best in Oils & Acrylics.

Rosemary Tisch Dagger

Rosemary Tisch Dagger

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Rosemary Tisch Dagger 1/2″ LH


Rosemary Tisch Dagger 1/4″ LH


Rosemary Tisch Dagger 3/8″ LH


Rosemary Tisch Dagger 5/8″ LH