410 MH Green Gold 40ml


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Colour Index Py 129
Drying Speed Average
Lightfastness Excellent
Tint Power Transparent / High
Oil Content Linseedƒ‚‚ Oil, High
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236

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Green Gold is a pigment I have admired for many years, although essentially a modern colour. As a standalone pigment it brings to your painting a unique green that has its own elegance. However when mixed it is ƒ‚€‚œweird!ƒ‚€‚

When you first look at it as a single colour it is very interestingƒ‚€‚Ž however, when mixed with other transparent colours like Alizarin Claret or Magenta it does extraordinary things. One wonders where the ƒ‚€‚œthirdƒ‚€‚ colour came from as it seems quite magical. The magical qualities of Green Gold give it a high tint power and high capacity for being lightfast. Remember, because Green Gold is a transparent colour it has wonderful glazing properties and power.

There is only one organic pigment in my Green Gold and as such this pigment is highly transparent and lightfast.