Encaustic Art mini iron tip


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The Mini Iron tip is suited to working in small areas – patterning, miniature landscapes, etc.

It is the largest tip made for this low-heat stylus unit and it loses heat too quickly into the cold painting surface to be useful for large sweeping strokes – stick with miniatures and small areas.

The triangular tip is about 36mm on the straight back edge and the curved edges are almost 40mm from tip to tip. It is made of 2mm thick aluminum, so can be cut and worked into any shape you choose, using standard soft metal tools.

The Mini Iron tip is really just like the end part of the iron on a stalk – which makes it more like a pen to hold.‚ However it is still quite a big lump on the end of the stylus and takes some practise to be easily controlled.

  • The tip can be reshaped to any form
  • use in a small area at a time or it will get cold too fast
  • you can smooth, lift for suction and use edges or tip
  • instead of switching back to the drawing tip just for one detail invert the mini tip and use the upside down point
  • scrape and push the wax around with the curved edges
  • aluminum‚ is soft so use tissues to clean off any dirt created