How to Paint Atmospheric Landscapes in Acrylics


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Follow Fraser Scarfe as he explores the Lincolnshire countryside looking for inspiration to create stunning Atmospheric Landscapes. He uses acrylic techniques to capture the character of these settings and walks you through the best way to portray the detail and emotion of these landscapes as he paints.


In the DVD you will see Fraser both on location and back in the studio creating two breathtaking and dramatic landscape paintings. Watch as Fraser moves across different locations, pulling inspiration from each place, and the different way he approaches the separate elements of each landscape.


Paint along as Fraser shares techniques of working with acrylic paint to bring atmosphere and depth to your work, bringing the natural beauty of the subject to life in your painting.‚ 


In the special features, enjoy a full gallery of the featured paintings as they develop along with a special episode of ‘Fraser and Friends’ with fellow popular artist ‘Denise Allen’. This DVD perfectly compliments the ‘How to Paint Atmospheric Landscapes in Acrylics’ book also from Fraser Scarfe.


DVD: 80 Mins