Improve your Sea and Sky in Watercolour


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This DVD has been produced to show you how to improve your seascapes using watercolours.


Arnold starts by demonstrating some of the important techniques needed for painting sky, rocks and sea, using brushes, sponges and razor blades. His friendly and effective teaching style means you will pick up many useful tips whether you are fairly new to watercolour or are an old hand at the medium and subject.


Once he has demonstrated the techniques he uses, Arnold then paints two beautiful seascapes, explaining all the steps along the way. The first painting shows vigorous seas with lots of emotion. He reminds you that painting action and strong emotion is not done by using straight lines and totally accurate colours, but using many angles and the colours that you feel when looking at and thinking about your subject. He then follows this by painting a seascape which is all about romance – romantic colours and lots of soft edges. He explains romantic scenes are not about detail but about a feeling expressed with soft colours, silhouettes and serene lines.


Overall, this DVD will take your seascape painting in watercolour to a new level. With two very different seascapes and a lot of hints and tips, Arnold Lowrey will really help you improve your sea and sky in watercolour.


DVD: 45 mins