Italian Artshop gesso extra fine 500ml


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Italian Artshopƒ‚‚ Gesso is a premium acrylic gesso used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint.
  • Non-yellowing
  • Flexible and non-cracking
  • Provides the perfect “tooth” and adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper and wood
  • Excellent base coat primer for many applications
  • One coat is usually all that is required

Applicationƒ‚‚ ƒ‚‚ 

Use undiluted or thin up to 25% with water. Tint with up to 10%ƒ‚‚ acrylis colours to give you a range of options

This gesso will dry to an opaque, matt surface that is suitable for all media