Mabef Pochade Box M105


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Made in Italy from seasoned beech wood and finished with natural oils,‚ Mabef‚ easels‚ are made with precision and care for years of use. From the large studio‚ easels‚ to French‚ easels‚ for outdoor painting,‚ Mabef‚ easels‚ are unsurpassed in quality and workmanship.


Made of oiled beechwood, this pochade box features a sliding palette with holes to hold five brushes, has sliding supports that hold the canvas panel in place while painting and are equipped with a threaded fitting on the bottom that works with a photography tripod or the MABEF Wooden Tripod (M30). This box measures 40.5x31x12.5cm (3.2kg) and has three compartments for storage of paint, brushes and accessories. It can accommodate canvas panels up to‚ 24x30cm