Travel Brush set


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The perfect alternative to Sable hair, Silver Brushes are made using a synthetic mix that is great at holding lots of paint and keeping its shape.


We are proud of the fact that our Silver Brushes are suitable for vegans. They are constructed from synthetic hair, bound by a non-animal based glue and have handles sourced from CITES approved sustainable growth plantations.


Paint with these stunning brushes wherever you are!


Enjoy exceptional quality but now in handy Travel Brushes, the perfect size to pop in a pocket. These brushes are the ideal alternative to sable and hold lots of paint while keeping their shape.


The polished metal outer casing gives excellent protection and features a ventilation hole to enable the brushes to dry properly.


Contains the following brushes:


Size0 (9.8cm when closed)

Size 3 (10cm when closed)

Size 8 (10.2cm when closed)

Size 10 (11.5cm when closed)


When closed, the brush case is 15x 10 x2cm