Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop (Double Disc DVD) with Hazel Soan


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Part 1
With an enthusiasm and love for life that is infectious, Hazel Soan will prove that you do not need to be a botanist to paint splendid flowers. Using wet on wet and wet on dry techniques Hazel will teach you how to paint a plethora of flowers such as the lily, Gerbera, Rose, Sunflower, Lysianthus Fuchsia Foxglove Anenome and many more. Find out how to create the hidden depths of flowers that truly capture the viewers interest.

Part 2
Hazel puts you on the road to successful flower paintings by showing you ways to create highlights on flowers, not only by leaving the white paper. Having mastered the flowers themselves, backgrounds become the stumbling block so Hazel shows you, with amazing simplicity, how to make a background an integral part of your painting. You’ll be astounded by how simple it all becomes with such enthusiastic, knowledgeable and expert instruction.

Double DVD: 145 mins