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The Micro Iron tip is a useful and versatile addition to the collection.‚ You can get it into those places where the iron is just too clumsy to use. It is great for working ‘inside’ pictures and it holds a good working temperature.


Made from aluminum, it measures about 15mm from the front tip to the curved back edge and is 10mm at its widest. This popular tip is worth having enables new potentials and control.

The side of the micro iron tip is great for pushing the wax around, a bit like the tip of a palette knife.

  • load the tip by gently letting it settle into the wax colour
  • push the colour around using the edge like a bulldozer
  • use this technique to heat and melt small areas you want to remove, then dab on a tissue whilst the wax is still molten
  • the edges can be used just like the iron to create thin lines
  • the tip can be reshaped to any form
  • aluminum is soft so use tissues to clean off any dirt created
  • you can smooth, lift for suction and use edges or tip
  • The foot of the micro tip is useful for dabbing foliage, intricate patterns and retouching inside areas of your wax artwork, where the iron or even mini iron tip are just too big.
  • wriggling patterns – stamping, shuffling, etc. work well.

instead of switching back to the drawing tip just for one detail, invert the micro iron tip and use the upside down point.

  • dip the tip into the wax and off you go
  • this micro tip is very versatile