Experimental Watercolour with Alison C Board


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Using mixed media in your watercolour can seem daunting if it is not something that you have tried before. In this instructional DVD, Alison encourages you to discover the different varieties of textures and effects to create a true experimental watercolour piece.

‘Loosen up and experiment’ is Alison’s ethos. By exploring the materials in your possession and not taking the products at face value you can soon discover that acrylic gessos, inks and even plasterers tape can offer you an unlimited collection of textures and impressions.

Alison starts by taking you through a variety of textures and techniques that you can use in your watercolour paintings, from the more apparent like granulation and speckling to the more extraordinary like tin foil, and muslin cloth. She shows you how to apply each of the materials and mediums to discover their qualities and attributes and then puts these into practice as she creates an enchanting watercolour scene ‘Across the farm’, inspired by
her home surroundings.

This stunning DVD shows you just how fun and free mixed media works can be, and how you can find inspiration from your surroundings to create your very own experimental watercolour in no time at all.

Runtime: 60 mins