Italian Artshop Miracle Brush Cleaner 100ml


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This is a MIRACLE product

Miracle brush cleaner is designed for cleaning and conditioning your paint brushes.

We have a saying here at The Italian Artshop;

“If Miracle Brush Cleaner can’t save your brush, throw it away because nothing will”

We recommend that you use this product every few months and give your brushes a good spring clean. Miracle Brush Cleaner gets down into the ferrule of brushes, where the paint often builds up over time, helping to recondition, soften, and renew hardened bristles on natural and nylon brushes.

It even removes dried paint!

An environmentally friendly product, Miracle Brush Cleaner isƒ‚‚ non-toxic,ƒ‚‚ non-flammable, biodegradable, and reusable. What’s more, it produces no fumes or hazardous vapours!