Oil Medium Eco 250ml


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Combining the best aspects of both tradition and innovation, Maimeri Eco Oil Medium is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, water-mixable‚ thinner‚ formulated to meet the demands of today’s health and eco-conscious‚ painters.

Suitable for use with all traditional oil paints, Maimeri Eco Oil Medium softens their consistency and reduces their density, making paint application smoother and easier.

Colorless, non-flammable, and less smelly than genuine turps, it can be used safely indoors and disposed of in household drains.

It evaporates more slowly than traditional solvents‚ (although it does‚ not slow the oxidation of oil colours) and care should be taken not to exceed a 70/30 mixture of colour to medium so as to avoid‚ dull or dry areas on the painting.

Made in Italy, Maimeri Eco Oil Medium is packaged in a recyclable, PET plastic bottle.