220 MH Transparent Oxide Red 40ml


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Colour Index PR 101
Drying Speed Extremely Fast
Opacity Covering and Tint Power Transparent
Lightfastness Incredible
Oil Content Average, Linseed
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Transparent Red Oxide an Iron Oxide manufactured to such a small pigment particle size that it shows, like its yellow counterpart, almost Lake-like characteristics. Terrific Tint Power which produces wonderful results in mixes with yellows, and can provide gravity to mid-red tones. Mix it with phthalocyanine blue and you will have an interesting surprise!

This Iron Oxide has been used as a wood dye and I realized that its capacity to enrich the grain of hardwood made it a wonderful candidate for paint making.

On an unfortunate note, many years ago I presented a tube to artist Frank Auerbach at one of his openings in Londonƒ‚€‚™s Marlborough Gallery. As he examined my powerful colour he put a small speck on the back of his hand and said ƒ‚€‚œI suppose you are going to tell me how wonderfully pigmented it is?ƒ‚€‚ He then pointed out this would not work for him as he painted colour in quite a low muted way. He then said ƒ‚€‚œwhat shall I do with this colour on the back of my hand?ƒ‚€‚ I suggested if he just rubbed his hands together that it was bound to be consumed by spreading it over his skin. Sadly, and much to my embarrassment, both his hands went completely gingery brown in colour leaving him looking like the victim of a practical joke in his very smart grey suite. Understandably he looked more than a little annoyed. I sincerely did not mean for this to happen and I have never seen him since to apologize. In the many years I have been meeting and talking to artists this has to be the most embarrassing thing I have ever done. Sorry Mr. Auerbach should you read this, Sir.