Unison pastels Portrait set of 18


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Ourƒ‚‚ Classic 18 set, specially selected by John Hersey for Portrait painting. Unison Colour Soft pastels allow for ease of use with aƒ‚‚ highly blendable texture. ƒ‚‚ Our soft pastels have a smooth buttery texture and are water soluble. ƒ‚‚ These intensely pigmented pastels have superior lightfastness. These are high quality artistsƒ‚€‚™ pastels that are handmade in the UK using traditional pigments. They are presented in a professional blue box.

Our Classic 18 set perfect for Portraits. Soft pastel allows for ease of use. Vibrant & subtle colour palette. Highly blendable texture. Presented in a professional black box.